Pineapple Quilt


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This quilt has been sold.

We’d be happy to check with the quilters we work with to see if a similar quilt is nearly completed.

Or if you’d like to place a custom order for this quilt, please email us, or call at 610-880-0107, and we can discuss fabric colors, pattern, quilting designs and size. You can also supply us with fabric of your choice, as long as it is 100 percent cotton, or a cotton-poly blend.


Size: 97″ wide by 109″ long

  • Queen
  • The stitching is superb quality with about 8 to 9 stitches per inch.
  • Initialed and dated in embroidery by the Quilter

Beautifully made, with a sophistication that make this quilt one of the best examples of Amish quilting. An abundant of very fine stitching and many intricate details are found throughout this quilt. The fabric is white and is a whole-cloth. These quilts take an extraordinary amount of time to complete, but look at the results!

The Quilter is an Amish woman who lives in Lancaster County, and is one of best. Her mother thought her quilting as a young girl, and she has continued quilting for 52 years. Her initials and date are found on a corner of the quilt.

She also has completed another white Pineapple Quilt, which is 89″wide x 103″ long. The price is $1045. Please call, if you like to purcahse it.