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Old World Craftsmanship
Free standing Kitchen Cabinets and Vanities
  The Many Advantages of Our Freestanding Kitchen Furniture Over Common Cabinetry

Easy to Install
You simply place the base kitchen cabinets next to each other. They have the same appearance as built-in kitchen cabinetry, a seamless unit. If you'd like to capture the look and feel of kitchens from a century ago, with freestanding pieces placed apart from one and other, that can be achieved too.
Cabinets can be Moved
Moving into a new home, you can take your freestanding kitchen cabinets with you. In time, if you are considering a new arrangement, remove the existing counter-top and simply move your cabinets. Any freestanding cabinet that doesn't have a counter top can be easily moved, just as you would move a piece of furniture.
Air Vents and Cleaner Kitchen
Having the bottom of your cabinets open, as our freestanding cabinet design does, allows for air venting. You can avoid the cost of having to relocate your vents and duct work. Moisture problems are minimized and your kitchen will be cleaner, dryer and healthier. Toe-kicks are also available if desired.
Toe-kicks are Available
Toe-kicks can be used with our free standing cabinet design. Toe-kicks can be attached
without taking away from the furniture-like appearance of out cabinets.
Create a Wall
We can design a configuration to create a wall, divide a room, add an island or additional storage space. Open floor plans are ideal for using our free standing kitchen furniture. Kitchen boundaries can be made using a few freestanding cabinets. The back of our freestanding cabinets can be finished to look as lovely as the front of them.
Using old world techniques, Amish and Mennonites cabinetmakers craft our superior quality cabinets. Our doors, drawers, shelves, drawer boxes, cabinet frames and feet are built in solid wood. Our drawers are self-closing and extend fully. Mortise and tenon and dovetail is the joinery we used. Painted and stained cabinets have a rich, soft satin finish, without any hint of a plastic-like appearance.
Each Cabinet is Custom Designed and Built
You can discuss your ideas with our kitchen designer who will assist you in putting together a creative, efficient kitchen, that is uniquely your own. Our cabinets are custom built and designed to your needs and taste.
A Good Investment
Our freestanding kitchen furniture is crafted in the same fashion as quality furniture. If you move, you can actually take the kitchen with you, as you would your furniture. Our freestanding cabinets are competitively priced with quality custom cabinets, yet offers much more. They are truly built to last a lifetime.
Our Guarantee
If you are not completely satisfied with your cabinets, we promise to correct any problem. We guarantee our workmanship from defects for the life of the cabinet..


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