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Any quilt lover would treasure
an authentic Amish handmade quilt.
All of our quilts are handmade by Amish and Mennonite ladies living in Lancaster County, PA.
They invest 400 to 700 hours into each and every quilt.

These quilts are truly heirlooms to be passed down for generations.

We select our Amish Quilts from some of the finest Amish quilt makers from Lancaster County, PA. We offer patchwork and applique bed, quilted throws and wall hangings, baby and crib quilts. They are all handmade quilts, designed and quilted by skilled Amish quilt makers.

How to Order a Custom Quilt.

Is there is a quilt pattern you love, and can't find it on the Amish Loft, chances are very good we work with an Amish quilter that will make the quilt for you. Maybe you see a quilt on the site that you love, but the colors and size aren't exactly what you want. Or you may have a photo of a quilt, and like to have it duplicated.
We work with dozens of Amish Quilters who create custom handmade quilts.

Call us at 610-880-0107, and we can discuss fabric colors, pattern, quilting designs and size.

There is no additional cost to have a custom quilt made if the quilter still has the same fabrics. Occasionally, we will ask for an additional $20-$50, if the fabrics are very difficult to find, and it becomes very time consuming to find them. You can also supply us with fabric of your choice, as long as it is 100 percent cotton, or a cotton-poly blend. If you like to send us a color swatch, provided by a paint or fabric store or maybe you have a picture you can send us, we will be able to match the colors you have in mind.

Handmade custom Amish bed quilts take from 31/2 to 4 months to be completed. Our Amish Quilts are entirely hand-quilted,
and 400 to 700 hours of work go into each quilt.

What size quilt would I get?

There are several things to think about when choosing the quilt size.
Will it hang over the bed and by how much? Will the quilt have to cover pillows at the top?

After you have decided on the questions above, you'll need to do a little measuring.

Measure the size of your mattress, not only the width and length, but also the thickness of your mattress. Standard mattresses are 8-10" thick, but some are thicker. Are you going to cover your pillows with the quilt, and tuck an inch or two of your quilt underneath your pillow? If so, you'll need to add 2 to 4 more inches to the length's measurement.
These measurements will affect how much of your quilt will drop over the sides of your bed.

Sizes of standard mattresses:
Twin Full Queen King CAL King
39" x 75" 54" x 75"  60" x 80" 78" x  80" 72" x 84"
Below are the range of quilt sizes that will fit the different standard size beds.
Quilt Sizes:
Twin Quilt
Between 66" and 80" wide.      89" to 108" in length.
Full Quilt
Between 80" and 96” wide.      89" to 108" in length.
Queen Quilt
Between 88" and 102" wide.     94" to 113" in length.
King Quilt
Between 104" and 120" wide.   94" to 113" in length.

Placing an order.
You can place your order on the web site. We use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology, which is among the best software available today for secure commerce transactions.
If you rather place your order over the phone, please call 610-880-0107.

Is your Amish Quilt a Gift?
Many people buy Amish quilts for special occasions, weddings, anniversaries and house warmings. The Amish ladies who create our quilts will embroider names, dates, and special passages if requested.
If your quilt is a gift, and you like it mailed directly to the recipient, we will include a gift card with a message of your choice. The cost is $5 for this service.

What Does it Cost to Ship an Amish Bed Quilt?
In the continental US the cost is $29. Shipping to Canada is $36, and overseas to Countries in Europe and Australia is $57. We usually ship to all address viva the US Mail, but will also ship by FedEx and UPS if requested. You quilt will be safely packed and insured.

Return Policy:
If for any reason you are not completely happy with your Amish quilt, please send it back to us within 14 days of receiving it, for a full refund. If you find any defects with your quilt, we will pay for the return shipping cost.

Method of Payment:
We accept checks, money orders or credit cards. For custom orders, we like a 20% deposit of the total amount, when beginning the quilt, and the rest when the quilt is finished.

Please send checks to:
Amish Loft
1447 Snyder Road
Green Lane, PA 18054

Please address checks to: Amish Loft

If you like to place an order by fax, please send it to: 610--880-0028.


How are the Amish Quilts Made?
Quilting is part of the Amish culture, and Amish girls in their early teens learn to quilt by the side of their mothers and grandmothers. They are truly some of the most talented quilt makers in the world. In the opinion of Amish quilt-makers throughout the country, the Amish ladies of Lancaster County, PA are considered the finest. The first Amish who came to America settled in Lancaster County, PA, and was the first community to design and create Amish quilts.

Experience and accuracy play a large part of a well executed quilt. The majority of Amish ladies I work with have quilted 25 years or more. Choosing a pattern and fabrics that works beautifully together takes an artist's eye, and is enhanced with years of practice. Many Amish quilters seem to have a natural gift of design and sense of color.

After the fabrics and pattern is selection, the task of cutting each fabric piece, and sewing it together will be done. Since most of the Amish Quilters have no form of electricity, their method of quilt-making is much the same as it was 150 years ago. They cut the pieces of fabric by hand and use a treadle sewing machine to sew the pieces together carefully in order to have the fabric pieces align as perfectly as possible. I always strive to select Amish quilts that have excellent piecework.

There are several quilting motifs that are commonly used by Amish quilters from Lancaster County, PA, and is a good way to identify if an Amish quilt originated from PA. Beautiful feathering quilting in often used on a quilt's border or around a medallion found in the center of a PA Amish quilt. Other quilting designs often found are hearts, tulips, pumpkin seeds and grape leaves. Marking the quilt top for quilting is simply done by using a stencil and pencil to add guidelines to where the quilting will be done on the quilt.

Great quilting is like the icing on a cake. Fine quilting is what can make the difference between mediocre Amish quilts and great Amish quilts. Qualities of fine quilting are small stitches that are even and uniform. A high quality quilt will have 6 to 8 stitches per inch. Some of our quilts have an even higher stitch count. We always note the amount of stitches per inch in the description of each quilt. A very good quilt will have over 50,000 stitches. Our Amish quilts meet these standards of quality. Each of our quilts has 400 - 700 hours investment into them.

Decorating with Amish Quilts has become More Popular Than Ever.
A bed quilt certainly can make a stunning centerpiece to a bedroom, but that's just one way to enhance your home with an Amish quilt, there are many more. Amish quilts can look lovely, hanging in a kitchen, great room, or foyer. Consider having one covering a table or place over the back of a chair. An Amish quilt will lend a casual, country air to your home. If you think your home feels a little too formal, you may consider a handmade quilt as a way of relaxing the décor. And of course if your house is an older home, a quilt will harmonize perfectly with the architectural details.


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The Cost to Ship a Bed Quilt is: $38 in the continental U.S     $60 to Overseas (Europe and Australia)

shipping is not refunded for any returned quilts

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