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What size quilt do I need?

There are several things to think about when choosing the size of a quilt.

Will it hang over the bed and by how much?
Will the quilt have to cover pillows at the top?

After you have decided on the questions above,
you’ll need to do a little measuring.

Measure the size of your mattress, not only the width and length, but also the thickness of your mattress. Standard mattresses are 8-10" thick, but some are thicker.

Are you going to cover your pillows with the quilt, and tuck an inch or two of your quilt underneath your pillow? If so, you’ll need to add 2 to 4 more inches to the length’s measurement.

These measurements will affect how much of your quilt will drop over the sides of your bed.

Example, if you owned a queen size bed and wanted your quilt to hang at least 15 inches down each side, you would need to buy a quilt that is at least 90 inches wide - 60 inches mattress width, plus 15" drop on one side and 15" drop on the another side = 90" inches total width.

Sizes of standard mattresses:

Twin Full Queen King CAL King
39" x 75" 54" x 75"  60" x 80" 78" x  80" 72" x 84"

Below are the range of quilt sizes
that will fit the different standard size beds.

Quilt Sizes:
Twin Quilt
Between 66" and 80" wide.      89" to 108" in length.
Full Quilt
Between 80" and 96” wide.      89" to 108" in length.
Queen Quilt
Between 88" and 102" wide.     94" to 113" in length.
King Quilt
Between 104" and 120" wide.   94" to 113" in length.

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shipping is not refunded for any returned quilts

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