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amishloft cabinetry quilts amishloft cabinetry quilts

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How to Care for an Amish Quilt

Amish quilts are works of art, and an investment.
Taking the time to care for them properly is well worth it.

Our quilts are all 100 percent cotton or a cotton-polyester blend, both of which are machine-washable.
But since quilts are held together with tiny quilting stitches, take extra care when washing them.
Dry-cleaning is the safest and best way to go.

Machine Washing Instructions:
Wash your quilt on a gentle cycle, using mild detergent, and in cold water to prevent shrinkage.
And if the quilt has dark colors, it should be properly dry-cleaned to prevent the colors from bleeding.
If you have a clotheslines, use it to dry your quilt. If you don’t, a dryer can be used,
but dry your quilt on a low setting.

Quilt Maintenance:
If your quilt has accumulated lint, hair and dust, a gentle cleaning using your vacuum can do a good job.
Place a nylon stocking over the nozzle and then gently vacuum in two directions.

Storing Your Quilt:
If you’re storing your quilt, it should be rolled instead of folded to prevent permanent creases. Never store a quilt in plastic. Instead, store it in a sheet or pillow case that allows air to circulate around it, and be sure it is protected from insect damage.

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The Cost to Ship a Bed Quilt is: $38 in the continental U.S     $60 to Overseas (Europe and Australia)

shipping is not refunded for any returned quilts

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